october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA


A city needs its teachers, educators and facilitators to truly thrive. If you have a skill you'd like to share, a topic you’d like to teach, or a workshop activity that you’d like to contribute to building the city of Nomadico.... Please fill out this application and let’s see what magic we can make together!

Call for Workshops, Classes, or other Contributions

Name *
Phone *
Please describe your idea for a class to teach, a workshop to facilitate, or other ideas that could fit within day-time programming at Nomadico. Be as detailed as possible!
If your workshop is accepted, we'd like to include your bio information on the Nomadico website and/or events program
Please let us know what you need to do this! What type of space is needed or preferred? How much time do you need? Any volunteer assistance? Do you have a preference of day or time? Be specific.
Are you affiliated with a theme camp or collective? Do you have other skills you'd like to share? Are there any workshops you'd like to see or recommend for Nomadico?

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