october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA


To learn and to teach, new things, new concepts, new ideas. With all day workshops, you are sure to expand your horizons.

The Intimacy Project

By Emma K

Ever get to that moment where you're ready to grab a condom and just feel annoyed or awkward? Fix it with art! Turn that moment into a sexy pause where you can share something sexy, sweet, or silly with your partner (or partners). Come to The Intimacy Project and decorate a condom box or ten to give out to your sweeties or new friends.

Emma Kaywin is a sexual health writer and activist based out of Brooklyn. She spends her days writing grants to support HIV positive and at-risk New Yorkers and her evenings thinking about how communication is the best lubrication.

All Your Base Are Belong…: Tai Chi Yang Onesie Style

by Gio Galvez

Put on your Onesie's, PJs, and Furry hoods for this very special Tai Chi Yang Onesie Style run through of the 24 form. You have never done Tai Chi quite like this before. Chant "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" as we get in the mood for some late afternoon dancing.

Gio is a tech geek in the default world and former LDS missionary who served in the Caribbean. He has won prestigious awards for his technical excellence in the TV industry. However, none of that matters at Nomadico. What matters is that he spent 3 years training in intense traditional Chinese martial arts every single day from 4AM to 7AM. Yes it was insane and it hurt. But, he learned a thing or two along the way. As a formal disciple of the Wudang Dragon Gate School, he would like to share his expansion technique with the community at Nomadico with the Tai Chi Yang Onesie Style workshop.

Soul2SoulHooping ™

By Betty Jackson King

Come experience Soul2SoulHooping ™.   Let's Dance making your hoop and/or a non Hooper your dance partner. This workshop encourages Hula Hoopers, especially beginners,  to become connected with their hoop and others as their dance partners.  Tricks are not necessary.  A willingness to dance and get close is required! There will also be a prelude to HoopHustle ™ By Brooklyn Proper.

Betty Jackson King, a certified BodyHoops ™ instructor, has taught beginner hoop dance since 2010.  An avid house music dancer, she frequents New York City’s A-list  club scene.  Not long ago, Betty, a game changer,  made her presence known on the dance floor by introducing her hoop as her dance partner. She engaged dancers and fellow hoopers to move and flow in one accord. Her style has landed her The Spotlight Hooper of the Month - March 2016 [ Facebook Group, "You Know You're Addicted to Hooping When...?"]  and A Top Hat Awards - Shadow Dance 2015:

The Celebratory Maven Society Social

Hosted by Kate Relish

A Celebratory Maven is an individual who knows how to take care of themselves and others within celebratory communities, ensuring and cultivating safe, nurturing space for all while enjoying themselves to the hilt. This event will begin by sharing our secrets of celebratory maven-ness, reading out of our publication, the Celebratory Maven Society Reader (Volume 2), and having a champagne toast and social gathering afterwards. Wear your finest Celebratory Maven garments! Be prepared to share your tips, and wisdom with others.

Kate Relish is an artist, a maker of participatory, collaborative art spaces, and has been an art workshop instructor and creativity consultant for 12 years. Her work is about imagining new worlds and ways of being by creating new dimensions of shared experiences. The gathering spaces take the form of participatory projects such as colorful forts, collaborative projects, art parades, ephemeral events, and more using media including fiber, found objects, and costume making. From building fort structures to organizing artistic events, Sclavi create imaginative spaces designed for people to interact and learn from each other and serves as a collective, process-oriented experience. She is an award-winning teaching artist, community artist, and a featured curriculum writer for a number of organizations, including the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Fleisher Art Memorial, and Young Audiences of New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania and Louisiana. Sclavi was a co-founder of Philadelphia-based art collective Homeskooled Gallery, a 4-year-long nomadic art space creating participatory experiences through interactive art. She holds an M.Ed. in Art Education and a certificate in Community Arts Practices from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. She is based in Brooklyn, NY

Chakra Cleansing Yoga

By Katherina Capon

This yoga class will work on opening up our bodies 7 major chakra wheels so we can embrace this event open and aware. We'll work on Breathe work, mudras, chants and a yoga flow that awakens each energy center.

Katherina Capon has been practicing yoga for 6 years and currently teaches in Baltimore,MD Full-time. She received her certification under the teachings on Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga in 2014 and continues learning through workshops, classes and practice. Katherina offers a practice that is physically challenging but more so a practice that challenges the mind to let go of its’ ego, to be present and find happiness wherever you are either on or off the mat. She truly believes yoga is a gift to ourselves and that everyone and every body will find something to treasure when they open their heart to the practice of yoga.

Radiant Heart Meditation

By Lakshmi Kanter

This guided Tantric meditation practice will help you access the healing, intuition, and power that reside in your own heart.

Lakshmi Kanter, Yoga Therapist and E-RYT200, RYT500 Yoga Teacher, has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2009. Lakshmi strongly believes that everyone can do yoga! Her yoga classes are woven with kindness, precision, therapeutics, and stress reduction techniques - promoting health and healing in body and mind, heart and soul. Yoga and meditation have transformed her both energetically and physically, helping her heal from physical injuries and also from the loss of her mother to breast cancer in 1999. Her Sri Lankan mother often spoke about the incredible healing power of our own breath, and Lakshmi now understands the truth and profundity of that insight.

Sexual Meditations

by Don & Jane Lewis

Spend an hour learning snippets of theory while participating in meditative techniques using the body. We will be using easy-to-learn positions and movements that integrate ancient energy teachings and modern understandings of the nervous and hormonal systems - entire body meditations used in sex therapy practice. While taught and demonstrated for couples, all techniques can be done as self-meditations.

Worldwide, there are only 20 seminary trained, ordained pastors who are also board certified sex therapists. Don and Jane are 10% of them. Married for over 43 years they have raised two children to adulthood. Both are PhDs in Human Sexuality, nationally known trainers and workshop leaders, ordained pastors, Clinical Sexologists, and Warrior-Priest Black Belts in Waboku Jujitsu. Through the years they have served as CEOs, sex therapists, college instructors in philosophy, psychology, and religion, and administrators in public mental health government agencies.

Ecstatic Erotic Massage

by Benjamin Lewis

High energy beats, massage, up-regulating breathwork, Taoist big draws, awakening energy and intense mind altering sober psychedelic experience. Please bring a sheet. *Partner based massage, bring a partner or be comfortable being paired with opposite or same gender partner.*

Benjamin is certified in Sexological BodyworkTM from the state of California and has a practice working with individuals, couples and groups to help them connect their mind and body through somatic embodiment. Using massage, breath work, movement, and sound his work allows opportunities to experience conscience ecstatic and erotic states. Bodywork is one directional, not sexual but potentially awakening, sensual, healing, and renewing in nature. This is a chance to explore an experience through somatic embodied learning. Benjamin grew up in a sex positive home; sex was a normal part of conversation. Benjamin has served as a resource for sex education and continues to teach workshops and educate those around him.


By Akim Funk Buddha & Kimberly Galaxxxy

Join Akim Funk Buddha and Kimberly Galaxxxy in playful and contemplative provocations, reinventing the rules of movement through space and time. This workshop will activate the dream space of an immersive installation. We will explore spatial and emotional atmospheres through mindful and experimental movement. 

Kimberly Tate: Kimberly is a maker, mover and agile design-thinker. She believes in an Architect's capacity to operate expansively and pluralistically. Her multimodal practice integrates movement, design, art, architecture, mindfulness and critical pedagogy to create impactful human and social experiences. Her work emphasizes lived experience for culture and knowledge-making. She teaches about systems thinking and integral sustainability at Parsons the New School for Design.

Akim Funk Buddha: From the streets of Bali to Carnegie Hall, from meditative throat singing to high-energy Hip Hop rhymes, Akim Funk Buddha creates borderless performance art, fusing sounds and movements. Rhyming, beat-boxing, mouth and body percussion, storytelling, break-dancing, Mongolian throat-singing, Indonesian monkey chants, body-balancing, martial arts, tap and circus arts are seamlessly blended to create distinctly spiritual yet urban sonic and visual compositions. Akim runs his Bonsai Lab a school of experimental dance and performance arts, out of Brooklyn.

Underpants Yoga

By Debriana Berlin Disco Nap

Come make new friends in this interactive class with group dynamic games, all-levels Vinyasa flow, and simple partner poses. Underpants break down barriers! Let's wear them and feel free, body and soul. You are beautiful.

Debriana Berlin is the yoga teacher for the U.S. Senate, Homeland Security, and a dozen other federal agencies. Through her Yoga Incorporated business, she has taught thousands of classes in Vinyasa flow & meditation. With other bendy burners, Underpants Yoga was created in 2013 as an open source class on Facebook to connect festival goers on an intimate level. Debriana also owns Kiss The Sky performance yoga mats, and is co-creating a sensor covered yoga mat. She studied globalization at the London School of Economics and thinks disco should make a comeback.

Storytelling 101: The Shortest Distance between Two People is a Story

By Valentina Stackl

Storytelling is what makes us uniquely human. Storytelling exists in practically every culture around the world. But how do we tell effective and impactful stories? The goal is to amplify stories that are usually silenced, to provide a space for them to be told, heard, and shared, and to generate meaningful and long-lasting dialogue and change. Learn about how stories can be told, what kinds of stories bridge boundaries and barriers, and how to tell them so people listen.

Valentina is an international human rights storyteller who loves nothing more than listening to and telling awesome/funny/powerful stories and copowering people to do the same!

Darling It's Better Down Where It's Wetter

By Allison Guy

One-ton testicles! Orca GILFs! Penis fencing flatworms! Tyrannical clownfish matriarchs! Through words, photos and puppet re-enactments, learn how ocean animals can inspire fresh depths of depravity in your bedroom adventures.

Allison is an environmental journalist and pervert.

Aromatic Wisdom- A discussion of natural scents, essential oils, hydrosols and natural perfuming

By Bettina Perry

In this workshop we will have a discussion of natural scents from essential oils to hydrosols and elements used in natural perfumery. There will be some basic safety and usage information discussed. I also hope to introduce you to some new tools in your natural scent arsenal. Each participant will be able to create a personal roller ball perfume with essentials oils as a take away. Materials and access to Bettina’s extensive personal collection of essential oils provided.

Originally from the West coast Bettina has called Baltimore, Maryland home for more than 14 years now with her husband Matt. She made her mark early on in Baltimore with her culinary skills as one of the city’s top pastry chefs. Her love of alchemy in the kitchen has led her to a natural inclination towards the alchemy of essential oils. In the fall of 2015 Bettina completed a 235 hour nationally recognized program to become a certified Aromatherapist. She believes scent is one of most powerful primal senses with the ability to ascend dimensional understanding and help us to connect to the divinity with in ourselves.

Return to You: A Journey to Your Highest Self

by Rishe Grone

Using an ancient method for clearing past channels and moving into our future, highest selves, we revisit the process of returning to our essence, or "Teshuvah", with partner work, meditation, visualization and movement. Move beyond the past into your highest, brightest self using ancient methods from sacred Kabbalistic tradition

Rishe Groner believes festivals are a conduit for healing and self-transformation that happens when a safe container is created for people to explore their highest selves. Rishe brings teachings from Jewish ancient traditions to explore new methods of living our best lives in modern environments.

Meet Your Power Animal

By Katy Elizabeth & Jeremy Friedman

Who is your power animal, and what inner wisdom are they keeping for you? Meet the guides that are your birthright in a shamanic journey, and learn take-home tools to connect with Spirit every day.

Katy is a practitioner of many healing arts, as a registered nurse, birth doula, shamanic practitioner, reiki practitioner, facilitator of healing circles, and tarot reader. She is the proprietor of a semi-private red tent temple in her West Philadelphia home. Her work is dynamic, intuitive, and open to the manifold diversity of human experience. Her many years experience in healing, crying, dancing, laughing, feeling, hurting, crying even more, healing again (and again), and howling at the moon have been indispensable to her work, life, and love. She is a storyteller and an excellent listener. She is a priestess of love and of the moon. She wants to know you.

Jeremy Friedman is a full-time bodyworker, shamanist and healer in Brooklyn. His practice emphasizes integration of physical, mental and psycho-spiritual strategies to support holistic wellness. Jeremy is passionate about connecting the personal and the political, supporting the great work of reenchanting the world. He is an avid practitioner of insomnia, poetry, community organizing, sex magic, and wide-eyed navel-gazing, among other pursuits.

Satsang: A Gathering to Explore Tantric View of Saying Yes to Life

By Lakshmi Kanter

Satsang is a sacred gathering to discuss the nature of truth. In this circle Lakshmi will offer Tantric teachings about connection, the wisdom within our hearts, abundance, and letting go.  These revolutionary spiritual insights can transform our experience of reality from the inside out. Discussion, partner dyads, participatory experiences, and Q&A allow for a deeper exploration and engagement with these perspectives.

Lakshmi Kanter, Yoga Therapist and E-RYT200, RYT500 Yoga Teacher, has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2009. Lakshmi strongly believes that everyone can do yoga! Her yoga classes are woven with kindness, precision, therapeutics, and stress reduction techniques - promoting health and healing in body and mind, heart and soul. Yoga and meditation have transformed her both energetically and physically, helping her heal from physical injuries and also from the loss of her mother to breast cancer in 1999. Her Sri Lankan mother often spoke about the incredible healing power of our own breath, and Lakshmi now understands the truth and profundity of that insight.

Achieve Flow State with Double Staff

By Wolf Bukiet

Come learn some basic double staff skills and expand your sense of self. Using two sticks, we will enter the realm in which all things merge. Combing dance, object manipulation theory and various body awareness techniques, we will use the double staff to transport ourselves into what Carlos Castaneda calls states of "non ordinary reality."

Wolf Bukiet is a dancer, a flow artist, a performer, a yogini, a midwife and a healer. She has spun fire on six continents, and attended over 70 births. Wolf teaches group classes, private clients and youtube tutorials on spinning. She builds altars, reads tarot and organizes large groups of flow artists. After a decade of heavy travel, Wolf currently lives and teaches in Brooklyn where she performs as Shewolf Shakti and owns a purple bus. She recently opened the Flowtopia Fire Boutique – New York City's only fire spinning supply store.


By Mavi Clay

“Tribal Fusion” belly dance honors the traditions of ethnic dances of the ‘silk road’ while infusing modern tribalism and music. Class is open to all genders, body shapes and levels of dance experience.  We will snake our arms, sway our hips and groove to traditional and modern rhythms.

Mavi is Washington DC’s blue maven of the sword: a fusion belly dance artist known for her compelling presence, dark aesthetic, and mastery of balancing blades. A featured performer on the Gothic Belly Dance Revelations DVD by World Dance New York, she has shared the stage with national and international acts, including Peter Murphy, Chebb i Sabbah, Beats Antique, the Dresden Dolls, Android Lust, and Corvus Corax. A former member of DC's premier Tribal Fusion duo Romka, Mavi now teaches and performs her unique style of fusion belly dance across the country. Mavi co-hosts the monthly DCTribal Cafe, and the annual Belly Horror Show festival.

Restorative Flow

by Andromeda Han

Went too hard? Indulge in some self-care with a gentle vinyasa sequence and juicy restorative postures leading into an extra long savasana.

Andromeda Han is a Brooklyn-based yoga teacher and visual artist. She grew up in the midwest, the first child of Chinese immigrants; East-meets-West has been a consistent theme throughout her life. She immediately and deeply fell in love with yoga as a way to navigate mental and physical stress in her life. She received her RYT200 certification through Tattva at Area Yoga in Brooklyn and has since taught at several boutique studios throughout Brooklyn and led workshops on the beach in Central America. Her classes are upbeat and playful, emphasizing breath-movement connection and safe alignment while leading students through thoughtful sequences. Her dream is to move to an island where she will have her own textiles studio and teach yoga to children on the beach.

Radiant Listening: Falling in Love with Love

By Gracy Obuchowicz


This integrated blend of Thai massage, partner relating, and sacred Ayurveda will teach you how to listen to yourself and others from a relaxed, easy heart. Learn these essential relating skills and soak in the love that flows from communicating with the wholeness of your being.

Gracy Obuchowicz is a self-care mentor, workshop facilitator, and retreat leader in ever-stressed Washington, DC. She is a recovering perfectionist who has learned to live a life of real self-care and self-love. Through her self-care coaching programs, she helps us transform our overwhelm habits into lives of true service. Learn more about her vision of embodied self-care at

Acroyoga: Adventures in Flying

By Dean & Elise


AcroYoga combines the grace of yoga with the excitement of acrobatics and the joy of working in community. By embodying the roles of base, flyer, and spotter we develop skills in communication, confidence, and trust. All levels acroyoga workshop, beginners welcome, no partner needed.

Dean and Elise are burners who teach AcroYoga in DC, and also perform as Acrolesque. Their classes emphasize safety, form, and the energetics of partnership.

Laughter Yoga

By Watermelon

Laughter Yoga is an ancient yet new idea of combining the practices of meditation, prolonged intentional laughter and Radical Forgiveness.

Watermelon has practiced a mix of different yoga asana practices for 8 years but had never experienced laughter yoga until November 2014 when he went to a weekend retreat at Yogaville in Virginia. There he took a laughter yoga class and immediately knew he had found a modality for yoga that was perfectly suited to him since he has always walked the line between being serious in meditation and worldly and just being a big 'ole goofball. He went make to Yogaville to get certified the following spring and has been giving laughter yoga sessions as he traveled throughout the americans in 2015 and 2016.

Allison & Emma's Birthday Sugar Rush

by Allison & Emma

Celebrate the magical folks born on 10/10 with cookies, cookie decorating supplies and other sugary wonders. A jury of discerning birthday-celebrants will judge the decorated cookies on an array of merits. Prizes will be awarded to the most meritorious treats. Adult-onset diabetes never felt so fun!

Cyanotype: Make your photographic blueprint!

by Lindsay Buhman


Create your own photographic blueprint! In this workshop you will create two cyanotype prints using found foliage, digital transparencies, and flowers. The 1 hour workshop will include a demo of the process and 2 pre-coated paper prints per artist for exposure.

Lindsay graduated from Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2008 with a BFA in Fine Art. She has been living in the DC area for 11 years. Her favorite cereal is frosted flakes.

The Etymology of Colloquialisms

by Ted Land


Now that the pencil sharpening craze is over, this is your chance to get in front of the newest hot trend: etymology! At this workshop you will find out why all the kids are so obsessed with exploring how common expressions came to be. Come play with words, learn their stories, and find out why letting the cat out of the bag is an irreversible action.

Ted Land is the number two #2 artisanal pencil sharpener in the country and weighs in at just over 150 pounds.

Stori Telling - Putting the "I" in your story

By JR Russ

Storytelling is not only an ancient art form but something everyone still does in their everyday life. Come receive tips on how to take raw memory and form it into a flowing narrative. If you’ve seen the “Ten Principles )’(“ storytelling project performed in DC over the past several of years, you’ll get a taste of the same craft and training those participants received to get stage ready. And whether or not you end up telling your stories for an audience of one or dozens, hopefully this workshop will help the true tales you do share be ever more engaging. Learn some tips on telling a true story well in a short period of time.

JR Russ aka Nexus is a DC native who's been involved on and off stage with a number of arts organizations in the Washington Metropolitan area. In particular, he's been involved in with the work of Story District in various capacities over the past six years, both as a storyteller on stage and as a board member off stage.

Silencing the Mind: A Journey through Meditation Techniques

by Mel


This experiential workshop will introduce participants to a variety of meditation techniques, since not all meditation works for all people. Techniques that will be experienced include energetic clearing, chakra, chanting, drumming, self guided journeying, silent meditation, and maybe a few others. We will ,also, discuss preparing the body, mind, spirit, and environment for meditation. We will also discuss some tips and tricks to help with calming the mind and entering a meditative state. A few hard copies of the different meditation techniques will be available at workshop, but electronic copies of the notes will be provided to participants after the event.

Mel has been a practicing pagan and energy worker for more than 10 years and a Reiki Master for the last 6 years. Yoga, energy work, and meditation have been a part of her spiritual path from the beginning. Over that time, she has studied a variety of yogic, divinatory, and energy pathworks. She maintains a daily energetic clearing and meditation practice to help her keep her energetic body clear of obstructions. Spiritually, she is a high priestess in the Clan of the Knotted Ash, Coven of the Black Vulture, in Alexandria, VA. She is active herb and vegetable gardener, who has recently been studying folk herbalism and medicine making with Centro Ashe in Bryans Road, MD to aid in her healing ventures. She is an environmental scientist by trade and uses esoteric pursuits, such as magic, meditation, and energy work to balance her inner scientist. In recent years, she has taught classes in Chakra Basics, Reading, and Clearing; Pendulum Basics and Communication; Meditation at various festivals.

Iron John: A Conversation about Masculinity and the Wild Man

by Josh Carrol

We will explore together concepts of initiation from boyhood to manhood, the masculine archetype of the Wild Man, and how these concepts are suppressed in our popular culture. What effect does this have on us? Rooted in psychological work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly, as well as related feminist psychoanalytic work, it will feature excerpted myths from Bly's "Iron John" and heavy participation from attendees. All who are willing to create space for vulnerability to share and be heard without judgment are welcome.

Josh Carroll lives in DC and is trying to figure out his place in the world. He is grateful to have seen and done and felt a lot in his 29 years here. Among other things, he currently spends a lot of time reading, walking in the woods, and sitting on his roof watching the clouds.

Experience Love and Awareness of the Infinite Other Self

by Adrian Heizmann-Checa

Be a part of a circle of love and awareness as we experience the Infinite Other Self. Hold space for each other to see and be seen, to listen and to share, in pairs and in circle, in all ways that serve.

Adrian Heizmann-Checa is a creative connector consultant, finding and sharing ways for individuals, couples, families, and groups to "Experience Love and Awareness of the Infinite Other Self". Since 1993, Adrian has experienced and shared practices taught by many remarkable teachers and organizations, including: Amazing Life Games, The Washington Free School, The Field School, Ava Dance, Landmark Education, Temenos, Pathways Institute, Butterfly Workshops, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Recovery Programs, Sri Yoga, Indigo Light Institute, Transcendent Solutions, Inner Journey Seminars, David Neagle, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, Anthony Demello, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Paramhansa Yogananda, Sri Swami Satchidananda, and countless others along the way.

Turkish Coffee Readings & Portraits

By Fuphan Chou and Anej Nuhanovic

Friends gather to enjoy snacks and small cups of strong boiled coffee, thick with grinds.  After drinking, we read each other's fortunes in the grind. At Nomadico, we also use the coffee to paint portraits.  Come join us for a sweet interlude of coffee, intuition, and shared imagination of possible futures amongst new friends.

Fuphan Chou was a baby in Taipei, grew tall in NJ/NYC/DC, and now it's been five years living in Istanbul.  She was so friggin happy to find Meso Creso in 2008.  For many years she's worked on big renewable energy projects, globally, for future generations' benefit.... and is attending more and more to ways we can directly connect to and support each other, on a human scale, here and now.

Safe Spaces Training - Open To All!

By Emma K

Partying is super fun! But what about those moments when things get a little weird, and you want to intervene but don't know how? This training will give you some basic tools to de-escalate three types of behaviors that often occur in party situations: sexual harassment, intoxication, and violence. Come learn how to make the party safer for yourself and others!

Our Cycles Ourselves

By Katy Elizabeth

Share a discussion and journey in circle about menstrual wisdom, practice, history (herstory), tradition, and intuition. Our cycles and our bodies are sacred, and hold our deepest wisdom and healing.

This is a trans-INclusive women's circle! Calling all woman-identified festivalgoers and/or bleeding-bodied festivalgoers of any gender identity. No experience necessary, any experience level welcome.

Katy is a practitioner of many healing arts, as a registered nurse, birth doula, shamanic practitioner, reiki practitioner, facilitator of healing circles, and tarot reader. She is the proprietor of a semi-private red tent temple in her West Philadelphia home. Her work is dynamic, intuitive, and open to the manifold diversity of human experience. Her many years experience in healing, crying, dancing, laughing, feeling, hurting, crying even more, healing again (and again), and howling at the moon have been indispensable to her work, life, and love. She is a storyteller and an excellent listener. She is a priestess of love and of the moon. She wants to know you.

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