october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA

This is a journey you won't forget.

Wave 3 tickets are available now using the link below or check back on our Facebook page as people might be selling their tickets if they can no longer participate.

Tickets are $125.00 and can only be resold for face value + any applicable fees ($132.12 total) - Check below for the FAQ on ticket sales and for more information on how to transfer and sell tickets. 

Parking passes are still $10 each and equate to one parking spot per pass. Limit is 2 tickets/person so we can welcome all travelers. 


ticket faq

Can I volunteer to get a complimentary ticket to the festival?

For our first year, Nomadico is not providing any complimentary tickets to participants. Not even the festival producers or staff are receiving complimentary tickets! Because Nomadico is a small and intimate festival, we are asking all participants to kindly volunteer for a shift or two, which will be repaid with Meso Creso's patented joyful whistles and hand claps in recognition of YOUR amazing kindness and generosity! Sign up to volunteer here.

I bought a ticket, and now I can't attend Nomadico. Can I resell my tickets?

Yes! All tickets can be sold to other travelers. Tickets are $125.00 and must be resold for face value + any applicable fees ($132.12 total)

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

  • In your ticket confirmation email from TicketBud click on the "My Tickets" link at the top right corner of the email.
  • Make an account with TicketBud, if you don't already have one.
  • Once logged in click on Meso Creso Presents: Nomadico as the event you are attending.
  • Your ticket(s) will appear and you will see an option to Change Ticket Holder Name. Click this option and follow the prompts.

  • The system may tell you: "The event organizers already printed off their check in list. You can still make changes on TicketBud, but the event organizers may not have your changes available at the door." This is not the case - any changes made up 48 hours before the event will be captured. If you transfer your ticket less than 48 hours prior to the event please email

I'm buying a ticket from someone and they want to sell it to me for more than $125.00 + fees ($132.12 total). What should I do?

Please contact Tickets found being sold for more than face value will be voided and charged a fee. (The original purchaser will also forfeit their ticket and the original purchase price.) Do NOT re-sell tickets for more than face value ($132.12 including fees)!

Do I need to print out my ticket and bring it to the event?

Nope! All tickets will be held at will call. Love the earth and save the paper. Please ensure that your legal name is on your ticket and matches your ID. Remember the event is 21+


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