october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA

Theme Camps

From pizza to tea, acro-yoga and a space for healing- theme camps at Nomadico are unique spaces to build community, make new friends, and learn something new. 


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Camp Contact

Camp Contact is a tribe of movers and shakers, playing in modalities such as Contact Improvisation Dance, Acrobatic Yoga, Ecstatic Dance and Authentic Relating.  We celebrate by creating encouraging spaces to simply be in a space of embodied awareness. We have brought the Lapiz Dome, Steam Bath, and showers to Nomadico.  

Spirit House and Tea Room

The Spirit House and Tea Room was born out of our collective and individual passions for artistic expression, spiritual practice, community living and holistic wellness. We are lightworkers, artists, shamanistas, community organizers, yogis, healers, bodyworkers, singers, dancers and reweavers of the world. We come together to anchor an enchanted, beautiful, alluring yet tranquil space for reflection, discovery and offerings to the land and you, our community. Visit -- drink tea -- snuggle -- lounge -- meditate -- dance -- journey -- wonder!


PiePedals is an offshoot of the Pedal Pies burning man theme camp, with a mission to serve delicious wood fired pizza in the most unexpected places. Keep your nose peeled at nomadico for pizza cooks at two undisclosed times. We will also be providing a chill dome for consensual cuddling. And, acro yogis, please look us up!


Deadly Muppets Lounge

Deadly Muppets Lounge is designed as a place to chill, share and build community. Our campmates come from all around the United States, with the majority being from the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area and New England. Our name originated in 2005 on our way to Burning Man from San Francisco.  

The interior of the lounge is very sensual and relaxing and it has a very homey and mysterious feel to it with its rich jewel tone cushions, psychedelic tapestries, hanging lanterns, Persian rugs, marble tables and an impressive collection of lava and glitter lamps décor. In the lounge, participants are able to enjoy the fragrant and exotic flavorful tobacco-filled hookahs and sharing their experiences with one another.

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The JunXion

The JunXion is a meeting place, a cross roads, 1. The act or process of joining or the condition of being joined. 2. A place where two things join or meet, especially a place where two roads or railway routes come together and one terminates. From this concept some of best taste makers, djays, musicians, artists, and collectives have come together to form the Junxion. Anchored by mobile art cars and buses the junxion is a mobile unit forming like Voltron. From our converted blue bird buses, to our mobile bar, to food trucks, vendors tribal market, art installation the junxion is a roaming venue coming to a festival, parking lot, venue, park and a theater near you.

Camp Nyan Cat


Prima Materia

The alchemical quest is a central narrative of the Islamic golden era. The forging of matter and spirit; adventure within, and encounter splendor and enchantment. We will be hosting a variety of workshops ranging from DIY activities, like paper marbling and milk tie-die, to theatrical demonstrations (see scheduled events) to be performed once and hour on the hour.

Camp Gold Star

What is Camp Gold Star? Well, that's a fantastic question! And not just one of those 'There's no such thing as a stupid question.' questions. No! You've stumbled upon a real winner; good job! Oh, you didn't ask? Well...Buck up, Kiddo! The folks at Camp Gold Star know that somewhere deep inside that sparkle pony facade is a very special snowflake, and we've got everything you need to feed your body and your ego.

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