october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA

theme camp application

Nomadico is seeking Theme Camps to fill our city and make it flourish! Please fill out the info below and tell us a bit about who you are and what you intend to bring. Because we have limited space, we cannot guarantee participation for everyone.


Theme Camp Contact Name *
Theme Camp Contact Name
Theme Camp Contact Phone Number *
Theme Camp Contact Phone Number
How much space does your Theme Camp need? Please include the total amount of space needed (feet x feet) as well as the dimensions of particular structures that are part of your camp (e.g., tent structure, art projects, etc.). NOTE: Please try to be economical with your space requirements as Nomadico is a first-year festival with very limited space. Are you requesting dedicated camping space near your Theme Camp for your camp members/participants? If so, approximately how many camping tent spaces do you require? Are you requesting parking space for any trucks or large vehicles to transport your infrastructure? If so, what are the dimensions of your truck(s)?
Are you requesting a power supply to power your Theme Camp? If so, approximately how many Watts would you need and for what purpose (lights, sound, etc.)?
Are you seeking to bring a sound camp to Nomadico? If so, please provide the specifications of your PA system and any structures that it would be contained in. NOTE: Because we have limited space this year, we are unlikely to be able to accommodate additional sound camps that will be projecting loud music at the festival. No music or sounds projections will be permitted unless a camp is officially approved as a sound camp.
Is your camp intended to display fire or conduct any other activities that might raise a safety concern? If so, please describe in detail here.
Is your camp intending to host activities, events, or workshops during the festival? If so, please describe in detail here.
Nomadico is a festival focused on sustainability and eco-friendly values. Please provide a point of contact we can work with to help your Theme Camp and Nomadico co-exist together with Mother Earth.

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