october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA




general faq

Where are we headed and when does it begin and end?

Nomadico will be located in Culpeper, VA. The address is 23078 Batna Rd, Lignum, VA 22726.

The site is about 2 hours from DC, 2.5 hours from Baltimore, 4 hours from PA, and 5 hours from NYC.

Gates: Friday, October 7, 12PM - 1AM Saturday, October 8, 9AM - 5 PM. The event ends at 12 PM on Monday, October 10.

How many people?

Nomadico’s population will be 400 architects, artists, merchants, troubadours, drummers, artisans, teachers, lovers and dreamers. Sorry, we aren’t able to welcome anyone under 21 years of age, dogs or other pets in Nomadico this year.

What can I expect?

All Nomadico city-dwellers can expect to find: campsites to meet your neighbors; two sound stages for you to dance under both the sun and moon; daytime workshops and activities; fire performances; sustainable food vendors; theme camps; art installations; healing spaces; limited camping showers; ample porta-potties; bonfires; and other participatory magic Nomadico residents decide to create!

What should I bring?

    Here is a short list of what to bring :
  • Your ID (21+)
  • Tent and other camping gear (remember: sharing tents is fun and saves space!)
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • Toiletries
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight / head lamp and extra batteries
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Earplugs
  • First-aid kit
  • Re-usable water bottle
  • Re-usable cups, plates, utensils
  • Camping stove
  • Blankets, chairs, and/or mats
  • Trash bags
  • Small container for cigarette butt disposal, if you smoke
  • Costumes
  • Cash. There is no ATM on location
  • Camping shower bag for use in the camp showers

Will there be food and water?

  • We will have large water tanks available to provide on-site drinkable water for Nomadico residents throughout the weekend. We ask that you bring whatever makes you feel most comfortable, but highly encourage you to bring your own water bottle, especially to limit unnecessary plastic water bottles and containers.
  • Food will be available for purchase through vendors on-site. We do ask that you bring whatever primary provisions and supplementary snacks you feel you may need. Camp cooking is encouraged! (Sorry, no open fires though - camp stoves only!)
  • Vendors will not be selling alcohol - if you want to drink booze, bring your own!

What Kind of Music/ Art/ Performances/ Workshops/ Theme Camps Will I Find?

In addition to all the magic that each Nomadico participant will bring to our caravan, we are assembling a wondrous group of artists, performers, musicians, workshops, and theme camps to engage, delight, and tantalize our city dwellers. See the Guide section for more details.

How do I get there?

By Car: Nomadico is about 2 hours from DC, 2.5 hours from Baltimore, 4 hours from PA, and 5 hours from NYC. The address is 23078 Batna Rd, Lignum, VA 22726.
There is on site parking but we kindly ask that you carpool as much as possible with friends (old or maybe new!) as we have limited amount of space. You can find a rideshare board here: Due to the restricted space and to help us maintain a secure parking area, passes are required for all vehicles, so make sure you get yours under Tickets. Sorry, no RV’s.

By Train: Nomads travel in many ways. Culpeper has an Amtrak train station! From there it's only about 12miles to Nomadico. Bring your bike, call a cab, or have a friend pick you up!

Can I Spin Fire?

    Fire performing is an integral part of our community. You’re welcome to spin at Nomadico, in the designated areas, but help us keep each other and the grounds safe by following our safety requirements. If you’d like to organize a larger performance/stage setup please contact Lydia Darling at

    Minimum safety requirements for fire spinning or performance:
  • Safety First. Keep an eye out for your fire brethren.
  • If you’re spinning you must have at least one knowledgeable fire safety equipped with a fire retardant blanket. If you do not have a safety blanket, or you want to learn about fire safety, find Lydia or another member of the safety team.
  • Use the proper fuel for your art. (For example, don’t use white gas for fire breathing) If you have any questions about suitable fuels Lydia can help!
  • All fuel must be contained in a non-flammable self-extinguishing container such as a clean metal paint can. No fuel is allowed in glass containers. Fuel must be covered unless you are dipping.
  • Fuel must be kept in a secure area away from your fire zone and free of foot traffic - a fuel safety is recommended for large groups or areas where fuel is difficult to keep secure due to crowding. Remember that non spinners might kick over fuel without knowing what it is.
  • Respect your surroundings: spin at a safe distance from trees, flammable structures, tents, etc.
  • Check your props (make sure nothing will fly off while your spin!)
  • Check your clothing (Don’t spin in synthetic costumes, cover or wet down hair, etc.)
  • Check your surroundings and audience (Remember that non spinners might not recognize fuel or hazards. Let’s keep everyone safe!)

What Are The Safety Rules?

There will be two bonfires on the grounds. Please only burn untreated wood/paper, no synthetics. Please don’t start separate fires. We don’t want to leave other burn scars or pits on the grounds.

Camp Stoves & Barbecues
Camp stoves and barbecues are allowed in your camping areas, but please use extreme caution and be responsible. Always make sure your stove is in an area which is clear of dry grass and brush, and never leave a stove unattended while it is burning. If you are using a camp stove, make sure you bring along a fire extinguisher and have it properly placed where everyone can access it.

Cigarettes butts cause most fires and trash. Always put your butts out and NEVER throw them on the ground. Carry a small can or film tube in your pocket to hold your used butts. Let's show this land how much we respect it!

We strongly encourage camps to not bring generators. If your camp must have power, ONLY quiet generators are allowed. Please do not disturb your neighbors with loud generators.

Absolutely no fireworks, firearms, rockets, and other explosives are allowed. If you are caught using any of the aforementioned, you will be asked to leave the event.

Will There be a First Aid Tent?

At Nomadico, our first aid team will be there around the clock to assist festival goers in staying safe and healthy and we would love your help! Do you have First Aid training? Do you enjoy helping people in need? If so, then the First Aid Team would be a great place for you! As a team member, you will help folks remember to hydrate and assist people with minor injuries. The First Aid team is not a medical team, we will not provide any Emergency medical care. However, we will help facilitate transportation to the nearest hospital in the case of an emergency. There will be a short, but comprehensive First Aid training both before the festival in D.C. and on-site for all team members. Please note your interest in the Volunteer Application.

The Sanctuary provides a safe space for people feeling overwhelmed at the festival. If you would like to help our city remain calm and happy, we need your help! Volunteers are required to attend a short 20 minute training for the sanctuary the day the festival starts. Please note your interest in the Volunteer Application.


ticket faq

Can I volunteer to get a complimentary ticket to the festival?

For our first year, Nomadico is not providing any complimentary tickets to participants. Not even the festival producers or staff are receiving complimentary tickets!

Because Nomadico is a small and intimate festival, we are asking all participants to kindly volunteer for a shift or two, which will be repaid with Meso Creso's patented joyful whistles and hand claps in recognition of YOUR amazing kindness and generosity! Sign up to volunteer here.

I bought a ticket, and now I can't attend Nomadico. Can I resell my tickets?

Yes! All tickets can be sold to other travelers. Tickets are $125.00 and must be resold for face value + any applicable fees ($132.12 total)

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

  • In your ticket confirmation email from TicketBud click on the "My Tickets" link at the top right corner of the email.
  • Make an account with TicketBud, if you don't already have one.
  • Once logged in click on Meso Creso Presents: Nomadico as the event you are attending.
  • Your ticket(s) will appear and you will see an option to Change Ticket Holder Name. Click this option and follow the prompts.

  • The system may tell you: "The event organizers already printed off their check in list. You can still make changes on TicketBud, but the event organizers may not have your changes available at the door." This is not the case - any changes made up 48 hours before the event will be captured. If you transfer your ticket less than 48 hours prior to the event please email

I'm buying a ticket from someone and they want to sell it to me for more than $125.00 + fees ($132.12 total). What should I do?

Please contact Tickets found being sold for more than face value will be voided and charged a fee. (The original purchaser will also forfeit their ticket and the original purchase price.) Do NOT re-sell tickets for more than face value ($132.12 including fees)!

Do I need to print out my ticket and bring it to the event?

Nope! All tickets will be held at will call. Love the earth and save the paper. Please ensure that your legal name is on your ticket and matches your ID. Remember the event is 21+