october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA

Call for art projects

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A city needs its landmarks! A community needs public art!

We are searching for artists, artisans, and architects to share their creativity with the dwellers of Nomadico. We are especially interested in supporting you to bring an existing project - all art forms and mediums are welcome. In order for us to truly appreciate your work, please be detailed in your responses and include any visuals, if possible. Please submit by July 30th. If you have specific questions - please reach out to Nomadico’s Art Grants Manager at


Name *
Phone *
Provide a 1-3 sentence description for Meso Creso to use in the guide or post on its channels.
Tell us your vision and be as detailed as possible about the project's physical elements and how you plan to bring this vision to life at Nomadico.
What are the expected dimensions of your project's footprint (including additional space for safety or aesthetics)? Describe the project's power needs, and provide an estimate on total power draw in amps.
How will festival-goers interact with your project? What kind of sensory and participatory experience is your project facilitating? Optional: Will you be engaging – or how have you engaged – the community during design and creation?
How does your project reflect the values and culture of Meso Creso and/or the theme of Nomadico?
Does your project use recycled/upcycled materials or include other elements of sustainable creation? Will your project interact with its natural surroundings? What is your "Leave No Trace" strategy for the project at the end of the festival?
Does your project involve an element of fire? Are there any elements of your project that could be dangerous to participants (falling, seizures, etc). Please explain any precautions that you as the artist and/or the festival should take.
How will you get your project to the site; how will you remove it?
Specify the total amount you are requesting for the grant, and provide line item costs for the materials or support needed.
Please provide links to any drawings, renderings or media that will help us understand your vision – this is optional but useful. (You can also provide links to previous work.) Alternatively, email images to and include your name and the project name.
Is there any other information about the project, yourself or others involved you would like the jury to consider?

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