october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA


Something to look at. Something to touch. Something to change your perspective. This art and visual artists will turn these festival grounds into a true city called Nomadico. 

Gate that Eats Time

Glenn Richardson

Standing 14 feet tall and carved with elements from ancient cultures, the Gate that Eats Time invites visitors to step through a timeless portal. The wooden entrance takes the shape of a giant maw, ornamented with ears of corn and carvings that draw from from Chinese, Mayan, Japanese and Italian influences to create a mythological sculptural collage. Rhythmically breathing fire from four poofers, the gate celebrates the conundrum of time’s passage.

Glenn Richardson creates non-traditional folk art of the chainsaw-carved variety. He lives and works near the town of Woodstock, Virginia. His work was recently featured at the H Street Festival in Washington D.C., at the Shenandoah Valley Fringe Festival, and at Burning Man 2016, where he led four other artists as Ziggy Sawdust and the Chainsaws from Mars.


Glenn Richardson

We live in a culture that celebrates guns as a solution to injustice. “Birdbrains” strip the veneer, if not the flesh, off that lie. These bipedal fleshless chickens have pistols for heads. The primitive reptilian brain is exposed, as the guns do their thinking for them. Each figure is posed on a base of skulls, signifying death.

Incendio Fiore

Mowgli, Incendio Art, and Plaisance

Just back from the Playa at Burning Man... Incendio Fiore is a “fire garden” where fire flows over a reflecting pool of dancing flames. The pool is adorned with ornate metal fire lilies that spout flames after sunset. Participants can relax and reflect while activating the bloom fire effects on the flowers using buttons. The inspirational intersection of water lilies, fire, and people create a garden where enlightenment is possible.


Ara Laughlin, Incendio Art, and Plaisance

Spin some playful burner bees around their 5-foot beehive.

Flaming Globe

Melissa Crisp, Incendio Art, and Plaisance

A steel globe brims with fire, representing the burner community around the world.

Wandering Wayfarers Bazaar

Kate Relish, with collaboration from Laura Clarke and Diana Rhodes

When fate smiles upon the weary traveler, the Wandering Wayfarers Bazaar will arrive at your feet. Roving around Nomadico atop a cargo tricycle, the Wayfarers Bazaar is a gathering space for exploring worldly wares, perhaps enjoying a cup of tea, hearing musical sounds from around the world, or receiving your fortune for the journey ahead. Each journey of the Bazaar will offer a different experience, so with some luck and magic, we hope you will come across this wandering market.

Kate Relish (Kathryn Sclavi) is a community artist, a maker of participatory, collaborative art spaces, and is an award-winning teaching artist and art education consultant. Her work is about imagining new worlds and ways of being through creating new dimensions of shared experiences with a process-oriented approach. Her participatory projects: colorful forts, collaborative art making experiences, art parades, ephemeral events, pop-up gathering spaces, and more are created using media including fiber, found objects, and costume making. She works collaboratively with other creatives, and considers herself a combination event planner, community organizer, and maker.

The Technicolor Teeter-Totter

Dan Ricciotti

Bring your inner child to life with this 21-foot steel see-saw is illuminated with 1,000 LEDs that react to the angle of the teeter-totter. Come ride with one or two people on either side!

Garden of Forking Paths Plinko

Jon Croteau

Play for your fortune! Drop a marble down the plinko board, roll a die, and collect a scroll inscribed with a clairvoyant insight for your life.

Fall In Love Jenga


Come play a larger than life version of Jenga outside Camp Contact’s Blue Lapiz dome. You’ll get to answer one of the 36 questions that have been proven to make you fall in love!

Julio’s Ramen and Striptease Bar

Wanchuk Topden will deliver a one-of-a-kind delicious ramen-dining and on-demand exotic entertainment experience. Surrounded by music and nature in a safe and transformational space, weary travelers can stop by the bar for authentically prepared ramen noodles and hilariously unique entertainment.

EMbody Markings

On the spot, on the move, or on the dance floor: Arman Matin creates neo-tribal markings that transform participants into more embodied versions of themselves. A process that triangulates between the artist, the participant and the audience, Embody Markings are elevating, empowering, healing and fierce. 

Glowing Portraits

Anej Nuhanovic will use fluorescent paints for live portraiture painting, creating unique psychedelic, glow-in-the-dark  snapshots of your nomadic experience.

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