october 7-10, 2016 - Culpeper, VA

A story within a story
A discovery within a journey.
A destination within our reach.

Meso Creso invites you to join us at Nomadico, a new three-day event nestled in the woods of Culpeper, Virginia on October 7th - 10th, 2016.

For years, Meso Creso’s flying caravan has roamed from one place to another, traveling through the ancient and modern, through new cultural landscapes and old global soundscapes. Borderless and boundaryless, our caravan is landing soon in an entirely unlikely destination. We invite you to join us, as we find this invisible city - to find our way there together - to weave our cultural tapestries into a modern tradition.

What can you expect in a place that is neither here nor there?
A multi-sensory experience awaits us - for those who have spent early mornings or late nights under our bayt before - you’re in for an oddly familiar and yet brand new journey.

Be prepared for the global beats you’ve come to love and expect from Meso Creso; camping under the trees and stars; a sacred space for learning, healing and centering; hookahs day and night; art installations weaved throughout; intentional dialogues and workshops; beautifully handmade and entirely utilitarian infrastructure; fire-spinning and performances; participatory creativity; Mesopotamian Vibes; and of course dancing under the bayt until the sun comes up. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon a souk at sunset or a film screening at sunrise, a guided nature walk or a spiritual ceremony.

We can’t wait for you to find us. 


Meso Creso is a Washington DC-based, cross-cultural arts collective that cultivates creativity without boundaries. Named for Mesopotamia's Fertile Crescent -- often considered the cradle of civilization -- Meso Creso fuses the whimsy of the Burning Man community with DC's cultural diversity and social consciousness.  Whether putting on our own dance parties or participating in others', Meso Creso is known for its roving hookah lounge, highly crafted art installations, joyful whistles and hand claps, and a DJ lineup that represents the rich cultural mix of its community.

Meso Creso seeks to be a safe space for all sexualities and genders. We love consent-based activities, believe that altered states are no excuse for bad behavior, and have a zero tolerance policy for those who think or act otherwise.

*Some call it a celebration of the spirit of self-expression, community, and collaboration. Some call it Meso Creso.*


Nomadico could not have been built without the support of its residents, families and merchants. Meso Creso has always been a non-profit arts & music collective, driven by volunteers. The capital raised for Nomadico in our fundraising campaign covers the direct costs that arise with this first-time effort in creating an event to this scale, with ticket sales being invested into any immediate Nomadico needs and (hopefully) future years. We are incredibly grateful to the following people for their financial support.

Holger Illi
Ted Land
Adam Eidinger
Atul Ohri
Barbara Coello
Esther Morales
Bilal Siddiqi
Colin Adamo
Emma Kaywin
Isabelle Barres
Jay Clark
Tommy S
Marc Antoine
Pasha Zh
Raha Wala
Anand Radhakrishnan
Tengis Pavlov
Angelique Been
Jessica Reid
Samson Huang
Tatyana & Zhenya
yavar moghimi
Adrian Devney
Besnik Hyseni
Daniel Dreifuss
Diana Rhodes
Ethan Pollack
Hugh Youngblood
Lauren Stansbury
Melissa Crutchfield
Myra Sinnott
Sonny Ratcliff
Stacey Shapiro
Valentina Stackl
grace adamson
Chelsea Severson
Michael Payne
Wanchuk Topden
Meredith Begin
Bevan Shimizu
Dokhi Fassihian
George Ingalls
Jaime Carlson
Jan Vincent
Kevin Nolan
Matt & Bettina Perry
Michael Sheehy
Michelle Guy
Peter Knaack
Rosa Moreno
suzahna poliwka
Umair Ahsan
Anna Makanju
Jorge Consuegra
Seth Long
Betsy Rudden
Cat Aboudara
Christine Jefferies
Claire Novak
Cristina J. Caudill
Diana Menestrell
Drew Meeks
Farhod Olimov
Isabel Munson
Jenna I Hoff
Joshua Cunningham
Miki Nakajima
Nikolay Dokholyan
Rob Vickers
Shern Kier
Timothy Waller
Yuriy Maslyukov
Joseph Edappully
Chris Rue
Christopher Amoss
Fatemeh Zarei
James Morgan
Jess Jones
Kathryn Sclavi
Laurie Blair
Marina Scukina
Phil Amoss
Sol Power All-Stars
Stephanie A. Vink
Monalisa Salib
Briana Wagner
Dean Hively
Heather Honstein
Jessi Long
Mireya Quirie
Rabble Rouser
Sriram Gopal
Brian Melrose
Colleen Russell
Derek Bobbitt
Francois Boo
Jennifer Nash
Philip vahab
Jessica Jones
Larry Milbourne
Melody Benavidez
Samantha Yvette
Sarah Levine
Till Hartmann
Ursula Wright

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